Published On: Wed, Aug 4th, 2010

Zepto Arrives In Ghana

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Zepto, manufacturer of flat screen television sets and laptops, has moved its manufacturing plant from Denmark to Ghana, pledging to produce 300 laptops and 200 TV sets in a day.

Zepto Flat screen TV sets are digital terrestrial compatible (DVB-T), and one does not need a special dish to watch programmes on the new digital channels.

This means that Zepto flat screens are ready for the national TV migration from analogue to digital that is expected to take place in the country 2012.Also Zepto Flat screens are compatible with the new high quality pictures produced by DSTV, which is called high definition or HD Video.“Zepto flat screens will present you with HD pictures in a resolution that you have never experienced.
If you run a pub or a public place, Zepto HD pictures will lead your clients to come again and again for quality HD pictures for football or movies,” Ole de Leeneer, one of the Managing Directors of the company said in a statement.

He said Zepto flat screen TVs come in all sizes starting from 22 inches, stressing that they are very thin and can be made in different color frames according to the customer’s request.

Touching on the laptops, Christian Ree, a Director of the company, said Zepto laptops are equipped with the newest technology, ranging from 10 inch to 17 inch. “They can be branded with sophisticated technology to depict company logo or personal color preferences,” he added.

Located at the Spintex Road in Accra, Zepto said it is looking for experienced distributers. “Selling good products is not everything. We think it’s very important to have skilled sales personnel that can help, assist and understand the specific needs of customers. We therefore have high demands when it comes to our potential partners,” the statement added.

Source: D-Guide

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  1. pcjonny says:

    “One of the Managing Directors of the company”, Ole de Leeneer, is actually the Chief Executive Officer of Zepto. Ole de Leeneer is known all over Denmark as “the king of bankruptcies”. I wonder how long it will take before Zepto Company in Ghana goes bankrupt …..
    Take a look at Ole de Leeneers profile at LinkedIn – LOL

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